• Introduction - Vaeprism

    by Vaeprism

    July 15th, 2019

    I am an electronic musician and glitch artist from Sydney, Australia.

    I compose music / make glitch art as Vaeprism and have since 2015.

    I intend to use this space to shed some light on my processes, share resources and tutorials (particularly in glitch art), with the occasional update on what is happening in the world of Vaeprism.

    Big thanks to all the glitch.cool community for their contributions, with an honorable mention to Alex Gohorel, for all the hard work he has put in.

    Below are some examples of my work:

    [Images below from the exhibition that were available as prints]

    Wheel within a wheel


    Womb of time

    A/V for This Is Not Art exhibition: Library of Souls

    Glitch Art for Ruby My Dear. Directed/edited by Stephen Lawler [Dislasystem]