• approaching abjection /// observing space

    by sunnk

    June 5th, 2020

    [Excerpt of Journal Entry from Paracusia Laboratories]

    Date: June 05, 2020

    "We recently intercepted a broken signal being emitted from an unknown location. Once we had finally managed to decode the transmission, what it revealed was staggering. A small but potent collection of what could be nothing other than "music" from another dimension. It contained some familiar markers denoting it as such, yet the sound was like nothing we had ever heard before.

    As the alien waves filled our laboratory, we became entranced, entering a hypnotic state of autonomy. Lured into the unfurling folds of such exotic auditory waves, lulled into a vivid dream, and kept in it's tight embrace. As the last note played, we awoke and the dream had ended, but what a wonderful dream it had been."


    The second entry into the Paracusia Media catalogue is nothing short of absolutely stellar. Aliens and mutants from across time and space came together to offer a glimpse into what their home dimensions have on sonic rotation. Featuring the incredible talents of some of our multi-faceted sound design team, this is a solid gold release full of tasty sonic wizardry that will surely beg multiple plays in order to learn all of it's myriad secrets.

    Paracusia Media, transcending interdimensional borders since 2020!