• 'Tails' out now on Budo Kiba Vol. 4

    by oddlogic

    November 16th, 2019

    I have a new track called 'Tails' out now on Budo Kiba's Vol. 4 compilation.

    I made this track as part of our monthly production challenges in woulg's discord server. Every month we draw a random production challenge like "make a track in an absurdly slow or fast tempo", or the challenge that resulted in this track - "make a track with 100% reverb wet signals". In other words, every element of the track had to have reverb applied with zero dry (un-reverb'd) signal coming through.

    That is a surprisingly difficult challenge because, while reverb is so common in audio production I'd describe it as elemental, too much reverb is famously a recipe for muddy, incoherent mixes with little punch. So I cheated.

    Well, originally I did actually do the challenge following the rules. The result of that iteration is this:

    But I ended up getting attached to the song and wanted to make it sound better and snappier so I decided to make my life really difficult and go about it in a deliberately arduous manner. Hey, it's a challenge right?

    So what I did was this:

    1. bounce out all the stems as-as (completely wet, 100% reverb - coming from FL Studio)

    2. bounce out all the stems completely dry (this sounded comically bad)

    3. import both sets of stems into ableton and group them by dry/wet

    4. re-process and mix the dry signal stems from scratch to make them sound not like shit

    5. manually adjust volume levels of the dry and corresponding wet tracks until a reasonable balance was achieved (i.e. hilariously inefficient dry/wet routing, basically)

    6. consolidate and dump out the summed dry and wet percussion and dry and wet melodic layers (so, bouncing out a total of 4 stems)

    7. re-import those into a separate ableton session and do a bunch of manual editing/chopping/stuttering/effects stuff

    8. sum + export that

    9. import back into FL Studio and master it

    Why? I don't know. I can't explain it to you. I can't explain it to myself.

    So anyway, that resulted in the final track. I was going to embed another soundcloud player but I guess soundcloud is accusing me of stealing my own song so I can't do that. So here's a bandcamp embed. I recommend listening on Spotify or downloading though because bandcamp's player has pretty terrible quality.