• Glitch Sound Design Guide: Getting Carried Away With Harmor Time Scrubbing and Iterative Resampling

    by Man From Sol

    November 3rd, 2019

    Another tutorial on glitch sound design. In this video I examine how to incorporate time-scrubbing techniques into your process. I also touch on frequency shifting, reverb, parameter "sweet spots", spectral intent, and other useful concepts. I definitely got a bit carried away in this one, but I cover a lot of concepts and ideas that I did not examine in my last tutorial.

    Watch the video on YouTube to click the various timestamps to skip to explanations of the following concepts.

    3:00 Harmor resynthesis overview

    10:45 Spectral intent and planning

    18:31 Harmor's phaser

    20:02 Loss of original texture

    22:48 Parameter sweet spots

    31:20 Frequency shifted delay

    36:48 Reverb in a glitch context

    47:37 Filter noise resonance in Harmor

    50:50 Return to the high-end

    53:55 Overview, final thoughts