• Anthony Baldino - Twelve Twenty Two (Man From Sol re-glitch)

    by Man From Sol

    February 10th, 2020


    I participated in another remix contest by the label MethLab recordings, this time to remix Anthony Baldino's amazing album Twelve Twenty Two. Like the last remix contest on this label, it wasn't a straightforward remix. The original album was created on Eurorack modular synths in such a way that they are generally not repeatable once the patch has been deconstructed. As a result, true stems do not exist. Instead, a couple modular samples (presumably related somehow to the album) were given to a first phase of participants to create sound design assets from, then all of these assets (original and as part of phase one), were presented to phase two participants to turn into an actual song.

    To be truthful, the provided samples were rather difficult to work with. I had to put a lot of effort into turning them into assets usable in the sort of fashion I was interested in. Even then, I had to rely on a number of my own original sound design. Nevertheless, my remix came to fruition and it might be my glitchiest track to date. Unfortunately I did not win this contest either, but I learned a lot in the process of creating this track, so I don't count it as much of a loss.